Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's been quite a while since i blogged sorry. I'm lazy.
Well things have been going really well i started watching the girls for Kayleigh every other Sunday and it has been going pretty well for the most part. Caydance has got the whole your not my dad attitude going on, she doesn't say it but you can tell, Lately she seems to be coming out of her brat phase just as Athena is going into hers. She cant talk yet which I think frustrates her more when she doesn't get what she wants so she throws a fit.. they're are lucky they are cute. But as far as far as kids go you couldn't ask for a whole lot better.

Kayleigh and I were planning on moving out in October but we decided to wait till April so our finances would be more stable, so we don't end up in a crappy situation. We are planning on saving up a good chunk of money and getting a place of our own and we wont have to struggle with bills every month..
As far as work its about the same as every one else not making enough money or as much as I'd like any way. I cant even afford the taxes on the money i make a little sad but I'm thinking it'll pick up soon or I'll find another job. hopefully soon.
Well the next few months are sure to be interesting.