Sunday, May 3, 2009

To start

Well my life to start is completely different than I thought it'd be..
where to start, I'm working a dead end job with no benefits and I'm not working very much due to the economy go America. but its ok I get to be out side I don't always hate the guy I work with only about 89 % of the time, but I have had much worse so why complain right?

Well my mom and step dad are finally divorced as of today, its been kinda a bumpy road and I guess its finally over I'm sure things will still be awkward and uncomfortable for a while but at least its done.. they seemed really happy for the longest time and then it seemed it just went downhill from there, she stopped coming home at nights because of her job and sometimes it feels like she picked her job over us. But I think she was just trying to do what made her happy. Dave seemed to feel abandoned and wanted a wife at home to spend time with, not someone he had to worry if she'd ever come home, so it just caused problems left and right. people grow apart I guess and there is nothing you can do about it.

My relationship is something i never imagined happening, I am madly in love with Kayleigh, which is very strange considering she was married to one of my best friends for 4 years. You can imagine we're not that good of friends now but its improving slowly. I also used to date her sister Heather for a long time, so this is all pretty weird but I'm really happy and its been kind of a long time since I've been happy, so its good that she's around. It's hard sometimes cause I'm not sure if im ready to take on the semi father figure role and if we move in together I'd be forcing myself into it and thats not fair to me or the girls so thats a little difference in our relationship views :) . However her kids are great most of the time and she's incredible in ways I have never noticed in the many years before now. When she's smiling and full of life she looks so beautiful and happy, I love how it just radiates to everyone around her. She can make even the worst of days vanish with a smile or a kiss.
Her family is awesome I'm not the most well liked in the group but they dont let it show which is cool. sundays are awesome Rog and Trish always make great food and we have a good time hanging out, lots and lots of babies running around having fun its cute but overwhelming when they are all unhappy and it's nap time.. but farkle is cool and we all get along really well which i think is prettty important. :)

So in a nutshell I'm happy with most of my life and I'm trying to work on enjoying the things of my life i dont like so much... and its late now.


  1. I am glad you decided to start a blog :) Hope to see you write often.

  2. I was wondering who's blog this was! Cool Richard. Yes. Write often.

  3. Sorry about your folks' divorce. It's always a sad thing when something we once loved comes to an end. But as they say, "one beginning is some other beginning's end".
    I needed to grieve the end, sometimes for awhile, before I am ready to celebrate the new beginning. I don't think that's all that unusual.

  4. I will do my best to blog often and keep things up to date thanks for checkin :)